Call of Duty 2006/ COD 3 Download Free


A historical first-person shooter game, Call of Duty 3 includes a campaign mode and downloadable multiplayer option that allows players to explore multiple levels while still playing similar to the series’ previous installments.

Characters may also be positioned in three different positions: either standing, crouching or prone and each position affects the rate of movement and accuracy of the player. In addition to two weapons and ammunition from fallen enemies or friends, players can also equip both fragmentation and smoke grenades. A player has the option to fire from their hip or aim down using the gun’s iron sights for better accuracy. [3] The compass on the HUD assists in locating each objective.

[4]Cover is utilized to prevent enemy fire or restore health after causing significant damage. The screen’s red edges and increased heartbeat indicate poor health, similar to those in Call of Duty 2, and can be refuelled using an automatic recovery system when the character is not firing. This is a game variation.

How to Download & Install

NOTE: Before performing these steps make sure your antivirus/windows defender is off otherwise you might face errors
Also look into Error/Help/FAQ tab, in case you run into some common error this might help you to fix it

Step 1: Click on download button after 10 seconds of opening this page
Step 2: After Downloading the Files
Step 3: Select all the files and click on “Extract” button
Step 4: Now run the setup after extracting the files (The setup may take longer to install depending upon the speed of your PC)
Step 5: Sometimes Games aren’t cracked so you might need to paste crack files in the folder where you installed the game
Step 6: Now you are ready to run the game

System Requirements

OS: Windows® XP/ Windows® Vista / Windows® 7
Memory: 2 GB
Processor: Intel® Core™ 2 Duo E6600 or AMD Phenom™ X3 8750 processor or better
VIDEO CARD: Shader 3.0 or better 256 MB NVIDIA® GeForce™ 8600GT / ATI® Radeon™ X1950 or better
Storage: 4 GB of Hard Disk Space